Sourav Ganguly - The disputed legend!!!

In life everything is an act of chance. There are some things which you don't like and you have no reason for it. The fact may be that the prejudices associated with those are such strong and influential that it is difficult for you to have a first impression of it. However, you must have been annoyed with these lines.
There was a time when I was not attracted towards girls. It's not that I didn't like savouring pretty faces but I was a kid and my small childish world was not infested with the hormonal effects.
There was a phase in my life when I disliked my father watching cricket matches while my favourite cartoon shows were aired on a different channel.
There was a time when I wanted to be a medical practitioner or in other words a doctor.

After these many years my likes and dislikes have changed.

I love watching girls, I like talking to them and I like spending time with them. (Only exception if the girl is not pretty)
I'm a crazy cricket spectator who cannot afford to miss a cricket match in which India is playing.
I'm studying at IIT kharagpur and after more than 2 years I'll be an engineer and not a doctor.
Destiny is such a beautiful thing that it always plays the fair game.
I cannot describe each of the three changes which have affected me but one popular and the most searched of the hour is cricket, so here I'll talk about it.
1999, Cricket world cup
I was watching a cartoon episode probably of the Duck tales, when the transmission was interrupted for a while. I switched to many channels (not many as at that time India was not a victim of the idiot box fever).

I had no other option than to watch a cricket match of India against Sri Lanka. There I discovered my disputed legend, Sourav Ganguly.

That innings by ganguly made cricket my world and I was lost in ganguly's world. His off-side extravagance and spectacular sixes over the long-on and long-off looked more gorgeous than pretty faces of girls.
After the world cup India saw many changes, the team was not doing well and captaincy was juggling in the hands of Azharuddin, Sachin and Jadeja.
If this was not enough the match-fixing scandal added to the woes of Indian cricket as two of its great players were lost as its repercussions and Indian cricket was probably facing one of the greatest crisis in their history.
Sourav ganguly was made the Indian captain as Sachin himself rejected the role as his batting form was affected due to captaincy. When Ganguly was made the skipper everybody raised eyebrows over his appointment. However, I felt great as he was my hero.
Under his captaincy finding new talent was never difficult. We saw the birth of Zaheer, Sehwag, Dhoni, Yuvraj and the list goes. He always had the fire to fight till the last bowl.
Ganguly saw many criticisms. His captaincy was doubted at times but he went on to become the most successful Indian captain. His batting was always under the microscope and every Tom, Dick and Harry enunciated the end of his career. Here was Ganguly's way of giving them the answer, he fought hard and came back to the Indian team and it's not a matter of surprise that he batted like a maestro in the last series he played against Australia.
India might have forgotten, the last time when Australians came to India after winning 15 test matches in a row, he was the captain who led the Indian side which haulted Australia's dream run.
Dhoni might prove to be a great captain but he has to learn many things.
I would also like to pay respect to the other Indian fighter on the field who has also retired recently, Anil Kumble. This legendary spinner had no problems in engineering his action and style of bowling, his degree in engineering must have come to great use.

Coming back to sourav Ganguly, I'm reminded of the aggression in Indian team which has been due to the legacy which Ganguly will leave in Indian cricket.
Indian cricket has starting saying," You rub it in my face, I'll rub it back with extra chilli powder ".

Sachin, Gavaskar and Dravid are no doubt the batting legends of modern cricket but Sourav definitely is a legend in himself, he is a complete package and probably the disputed legend.
Ganguly has made Indian cricket team as "Team India".
Now that ganguly has achieved more than what an average cricketer dreams, his thoughts would be occupied by these words," It’s the journey which gives you happiness and not necessarily the destination"
BEST OF LUCK Sourav ganguly!!!!!
I wish you a bright future and enjoy your life with your family

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Aparna said...

cricket ...hmmm?...i would have rather liked to watch duck tales

nice site!!

Yayavar said...

really the not exactly same story as yours but quite passed through this track previously.Ganguly was really inspiring to me also.Comeback term is associated with him forever.
a good post from duck tales to cricket.

arshat.chaudhary said...

nice post.. written in a very diff way than other posts i have read bout sourav..

Ashish said...


no option!!!!....and BTW thnx

@yayavar tales has come to some use!!! thanx

A nice comment written in a different way...sorry for the plagiarist comment...lolzzz

Pyaasa Sajal said...

was waiting for ur post on Ganguly....full marks on the feeling aspect...its clear this comes out straight from ur full respect to this fact but still would like to be a bit critical this time...kindly forgive the lierty that am takin :)

I feel the narration in most of ur other posts was beter than this(though many will disagree) but I felt writing wasnt focused enough this time...certain comments/terms/expressins were repeated on too many occasions...this is one area i will like u to ponder over for a little...specially the use of "disputed" on so many occasions...there were few examples....think over it...u are going great guns...litle analysis and a little effort will make u even more superb...keep writing dost :)

Ganguly rocks....Kumble rocks...btw I was in kashmir wen Ganguly scored that 183...saw the entire match....hitting sixes never looked easier :)

Ashish said...

@pyaasa sajal
sorry for disappointing u. But I'm thankful for ur honest feedback it's necessary as people hardly do it on blogs!!!
thank u for commenting on every post and I'll definitely try to improve and match your expectation.
I love it when people criticize in a smart way.....There are two ways of saying NO! I didn't like this.....
First, a polite one
Second, a rude and harsh one

and this is the first type

Anonymous said...

hey very informative post about ganguly
keep it up.I m too a gr8 fan of his long long sixes
.but Anil kumble & sachin r fabulous.
enjoyed reading!!

cool vajra said...

Ya dude....
dada is aggressive in the field
Do we watch again the incident in lords,when he removed off his shirt in natwest series,
Dada is Dada..
The God of offside..........

Kenny said...

definitely an excellent article. a true Sourav Dada's fan you are Ashish..........keep writing dude........there's so much about Dada.........he will always inspire our hearts!!!!!

Ashish said...

was it informative?? I thought it's very boring, emotional and not so interesting post.....Thnx for ur quick comments...

@cool vajra
hmmmm.....Dada is the god of offside but I like his sixes

Yeah dada is gr8 and welcome to my blog and thnx kenny!!!

Anonymous said...

Lolzz i found it very informative in the sense of revolutions brought in indian cricket history after a long long time when india won worldcup in 1983.After that i think sachin n sourav were the 2 of the most sparkling emerging batsman who again give life to our team.N sourav was known for his gr8 sixes which can't b seen uptil now.Then sourav became a successful captain n always known for his spectacular captaincy n also innings.In many sense i found it a interesting post bcoz the way u shows the journey of sourav in cricket world makes him a very special person who believe in aggression & taking risk bcoz these r the only key to give good change to any sinking situation & we can take some good lessons from all such good personalities.
well u find it boring but i don't bcoz when i read it then no thoughts were roaming arround mah mind.I just read it as a reader who don't know ABC of cricket n yaar i found it a extremely good post.
PS:Don't ever think any of ur post boring.Bcoz if it is boring then why ur hand forced u to commit on paper.yeah it can be boring for others but all of them don't think same .
kuch samjhe.hehehe
I give u 7/10 for this post
keep blogging!!!

Ashish said...

@unlisten ( I correct?)

I'm in seventh heaven after reading this comment....I cannot express my hapiness that readers like u bother to respond so quickly...... I'm happy that u loved my post... I need readers like you and yeah u're correct this is not a boring post for everybody and this came straight from my heart........ I just want you to keep reading my posts and guide me on my mistakes....... u're always willing to give honest comments is the special thing about u.....keep reading and keep commenting yaar... i must say I was surprised to see ur comment which was like a post...... I thank u for this trouble which u took to reaffirm my believe that I should keep on writing for readers like u.......
waise vishaka(right??) I'll not be able to post anything on my blog till 25 november due to my examzz so please forgive me and keep reading and suggesting me......... today I'm very happy to see that somebody cares for my blog's single comment....thank you.... I'm short of words....I'll try to always match to ur expectations .........keep commenting and thanks...... just count the number of times I've said thanks....I really mean those I'm not able to express myself... please bear with my emotions... I loved your comment....Thanx....keep reading and commenting.....take care and bye... I'll write the next post after the examzz till then bye

Anonymous said...

yeah sure
enjoy studies n then do blogging
career first then writing of any other hobbies.
don't worry surely keep commenting.
because this reader is fully edicted & famous for commenting mania :P

Jayaram said...

hey Boss...Thankz for yr comment...and just going through yr excellent post on the prince of kolkata made me realize I had not posted anything on this charmer over the years...laziness and its killing me!!

Ashish said...

Welcome to my blog
thnx for ur comment, and do write something on Sourav dada..... I'm eager to read your works as u write nicely and smartly

Jayanta Deka said...

well said friend.... For me Ganguly is a legend and will always be so....
It is he who taught Indian Team to unite like a team and fight....


dr.penumbra said...

deserving player ganguly.. i was actually hoping india wins the world cup in his captaincy but it didnt happen

as u say he was an inspiration for the entire team

oh and my new post is at

thought u might be interested to know

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