Part2: Crush..........??????

So, as promised I start the concluding part of my previous post.
Teenage immature love is the current hot subject of blogs. So, how about childhood pleasure (love is not a suitable word)????

We were really good friends. Here we mean Trisha and me. We went to School together, we were at the same tuition so we spent really a good chunk of time studying together, and after studies it was time to have some fun. Unlike other boys and girls at that age generally there were no grapples between us, but whenever a quarrel started it was quite difficult for anybody to stop us. We enjoyed watching the same TV shows which generally comprised of many emotional(boring) TV soaps (mainly of DD-1), as in those days cable TV was still to see the daylight in India.
To say the least we always loved our company. Despite the fact that our most of the games were indoor still we were very active (I was naughtier). It is rightly said that good times pass at a great pace. I would like to mention one of my childhood mischiefs.
My grandmother is an art-lover. She had bought a new statuette of a village woman from an art exhibition. I’m his grandson so how could I miss the chance to analyze the beauty of that artistic excellence with an overrated mathematic brilliance. So, I gradually felt each and every contour of that non-living beauty (hey!!! Don’t think that I was having any bad intentions). But as I tried to check the neck of that beauty, it (her face) fell on the floor. I knew that I'm into some serious trouble now .My grandmother is very strict I remember once she slashed 1 month’s payment of an innocent maid who broke her yet another art-piece gifted to her by an artist friend. My grey cells started their work .I must say they hardly get any chance to work and if at all, their success record is incomparable (000%).Still I somehow managed to fake that non-living lady that she(it) is not headless. I breathed with a sigh of relief after my maiden engineering assignment. I murmured, “Well-done!!!” I heard a voice saying,”you are gonna.............” I realised it was Trisha.
Trisha: Hey what have you done??
Me: Please don’t tell to anybody.
Trisha: yeah of course, except grandma.
Me: Nooooooooooooo.
Trisha: I’ll!!! let’s see what punishment you get??
Me: Trisha I’ve a 5-star (chocolate).
Trisha: So what??
Me: It’s for you. You are my best friend.
Trisha: I’m bored of these chocolates everyone gives me these foolish things. Am I still a kid???
Me: So what do you want?
Trisha: Let’s try something different. Last day I saw a Hollywood movie.
Me: Then??
Trisha: I saw a boy of our age kissing his friend(girlfriend) on her birthday. Give me a kiss.
Me: Hey I’m not your boyfriend.
Trisha: I think you are.
Me: How can you say that?
Trisha: I don’t know but last day Shivangi (her classmate and also mine) told that I’m your girlfriend and you are my boyfriend. So now are you kissing me or I’m going to grandma??
Me: Okk!!
I came forward, thought how to kiss ...??
I was very close to her,suddenly she screams,"hey!!! wait what are you doing??" Actually, Trisha's mother came and as she(trisha) was smarter so she fooled me and I'd to face all the misery and compunction.
But, I don’t know why but perhaps it was the worst day of my life as I was experiencing every new thing which was not pleasant (except that kiss!!) as my father saw us doing the junior romantic scene. The consequences were quite obvious.
My crush stories continues, wait for next post!!

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Love at Last Sight (...yeah u've read it right)

7:05 AM, I don't remember the actual date, School

She came jumping with joy as if she had just won a chance to meet Aamir khan (her favourite actor).
" Hey Ashish! I've a good news "
-our heroine of the story
Don't think I'm a person who thinks too much......but
the above line is still live and fresh in my
tiny brain cells.
To say the least, this line certainly changed my life. I became a different Ashish.
You all must be wondering how these insignificant words can have such an effect on a person as stubborn and intuitive like me.
Believe me now I'm going to tell you a secret of my life which many people are still unaware.
So story continues...
Me:hey ! What's the good news?
SHEEEE (let her name be this): My father has got a new job at Andhra Pradesh, and we'll be leaving next month after the school closes for summer vacation.

This was the statement which made me feel," is it good news? (Certainly I didn't ask her)".
There's something wrong!!..............I mean really wrong, for the last decade or so since I knew her (from my childhood days), we never were great friends or good friends, I remember one incident when she was seriously hurt by my truthfulness.....let's leave that....
So, the gist is we're just classmates .............that means only classmates not at all friends (forget good friends...........)
But I don't know why I felt there’s something wrong ...............seriously wrong with me.

I was flabbergasted by this incident. I couldn't handle that, I felt the birth of a new Ashish.

Then comes the actual story which changed my whole life. I owe everything to that incidence which made me a real man from a school boy of class 9, who still was unaware of the gift of puberty(I know you all would guess what I mean and you are Damn!correct..10 on 10).

My bathroom became my weeping room. I never had cried for anything in my life, not for any toy, not for sweets, not for ice-creams, in-short I was quite content with my life, as they(everyone) always knew what I needed when.
It was a very different experience for me ,as I always used to see Hindi films and think why do a girl and boy love each other, what are the pecuniary benefits of this sort of feeling when after all one day you'll get married with a handsome amount of Dowry Groom or a pretty good looking girl (99% probability)??

But, SHEEEE (yeah she, the heroine of our story) created such an impression on my heart that it was very difficult to understand that what is wrong with me???
School turned out to be my favourite place for the following 25 major part of thought process diverted towards analyzing the geometry of her face....I tried to guess ,"is her face in accordance with Pythagoras magical ratio(needless to say I was good in maths)".
My face was always in right angle to the direction of the teacher to imagine myself with SHEEEE.....It was a change I couldn't think of in my dreams!!!
In the mean time how those 25 days passed is still a mystery for me.....
Those 25 days really gave a new dimension to my personality; I wrote my first poem dedicated to her ...which was presented to her on the last day before she left finally leaving transcendental and permanent effects on my life.
I still remember the first line of that poem...
"O SHEEEE! O SHEEEE! Don't go....

So, people I declare finally that I realized that I'm (was) in love.
But this realization couldn't help anybody (certainly not me) as since then we've never seen each be more precise it has been six years when I last apprehended her beautiful face.
I still think that was my feeling genuine? Was/am in love?
What do you think? Considering my level of maturity at that age........I was yet to cut my 15th Birthday cake....
So, please give your view as I'm still looking for an answer......I still miss her.........But some part in me always says that is this love..........????
So, do you believe in "love at last sight"????
Waiting for your reply......

[Update] : We share a special friendship now. I have lost my immaturity a bit! Crush..........??????

This post is rather an official confession.In one of my recent posts I was telling you about one of my crushes.

Well somehow that person never read the blog but people still bug me about the,and all those crazy stuffs........

So, I would like to ask a question from you......

If you are a boy,how many girls were/are a part of your fantasy?

and,for girls,just think of the persons whom you really liked and..........?

Let me guess your answer ......
If you have answered the first question-3,four/more.........

Girls' reply could be these:

1."I never had any crush,ohhh I'm boy could ever impress me......"

2."I don't know...maybe 1...maybe more..."

So,at least we boys are honest enough to tell the truth...we do have that guts....

Sorry,ladies don't be acrimonious on Ashish.....plzzz forgive me........

Well coming back to my

confession and crush(es)

wait for some more posts I would be definitely telling all you people about various other crush and dating stories....keep visiting Ashish's blog(this of course) To Be Continued.....

Symmetry natural..........!!!!

Recently I was studying about the symmetry of nature,and I was amazed to be alightened by the fact that almost everything in this world is somehow symmetrical .

One more fact,the more the symmetry more beautiful it looks.
Artists and designers have for centuries emulated a proportion called the "Golden Mean" or "Golden Ratio" found in nature into their works. The golden ratio is a proportion defined by the number Phi (1.618033988...). This ratio was also suggested by Pythagoras.

Well coming back to symmetry....

have you ever heard of "Pinacogram".

So, here it is...

A pinacogram is a portrait designed with the letters of the corresponding name.This
pinacogram is the famous pinacogram of Albert Einstein.

You all must be crazy if not then ...........have you ever seen an ambigram?You must have seen it many times and some of you might be an expert in drawing ambigrams...
This is my first ever ambigram.
An ambigram is a word or a group of words which can be read in at least two different ways. The most usual are symmetric under a rotation of 180 degrees (i.e., they look the same upside down) or under a vertical axis reflection (i.e., they look the same in a mirror). The term "ambigram" was coined by Douglas Hofstadter and some of his friends.

The last and the most mathematical symmetrical thing is palindrome.A palindrome is a word, phrase, number or other sequence of units that has the property of reading the same in either direction (the adjustment of punctuation and spaces between words is generally permitted).

So, here comes an end to this amazing world of symmetry...

Here I would like to give you some links for generating ambigrams,palindromes,pinacograms....

1.given any positive integer n, generates the nth positive integer palindrome.

2.See some pinacograms

My First.......................Date!!!!!!!

So here I go again...........

I called her(

let her be X,b'coz if she reads this I'd be in a lot of trouble


I was lucky enough to listen the sweet voice of 'X'(

as I'm not that smart to enunciate about my friendship to her parents


In nanoseconds she exclaimed ,"ohh tum.... ashish!!!!".I was just swooning over her voice .

After some gossips(chuuggli) she asked: R U FREE 2MORROW AFTERNOON????.

It was one of my dream phrases that she chose.
And how could anybody say anything other than a big and loud "YES" to her if she is suppposedly your 2nd crush.
So, we decided to meet at a very posh area of the town .
The most important day of my life arrives.............TUMSE HI ...(my ringtone ) wakes me up.
I receive the call and ........Ohhh!!I'm soo sorry I'll be there in 5 minutes(

as u might have guessed I was convincing miss.X and she was acrimonius

I reached there after taking my perfume bath .

Guess what...........




She was in no mood of dating me but she needed a reaaaaaaaaaaally geek IITian to come with her to the Library.
OKK!!!atleast my grey cells could impress her( height of imagination and hope)
We talked about everything except the thing for which I was there............


But, finally I thought that serendepity has struck me as from nowhere she told:CAN U JUST DROP ME AS IT's tooooo dark now.
I was awestruck and could not say NO.
But , once again that lady(x) dissapointed me...



So, what I'm searching MISS.Y

kahin to.. kahin to.. hogi wo..