Anyone can qualify JEE Mains in 3 weeks & Best Tip to Boost Your Rank

I don't need to introduce you about the fierce competition for getting into IITs & NITs. The first hurdle is to qualify JEE mains which was previously known as AIEEE. Having appeared for AIEEE (say it JEE mains) twice, got through it twice and coached numerous students of mine in the last 4-5 years has provided me with a sure shot way to qualify or boost your rank in less than a month. Only requirement from my end would be your complete devotion in these few weeks and follow each & every step as I'm mentioning below:

Step 1: 

Get hold of last 15 years JEE Mains (or AIEEE, as it was known few years back) question papers. Solve them subject-wise. In other words, only solve physics paper in a 1 hour sitting, chemistry & maths in different 1 hour time-slots.
Do this for the last 10-15 years (Jitni Aapki Shraddha ho!).
In entirety, you would be needing 30-45 hours for this task. Do this in one week. This is how you would devote your first week.

Step 2:

Calculate your scores. In addition to that, analyse the paper by downloading solutions from the internet. I'll not help with links, you definitely are more net-savy if you are reading this. Segregate the questions which you got wrong or couldn't attempt into three categories. The categories are namely, 'Easy & Doable', 'Medium & Input Needed' and 'Difficult & Avoidable'. Let me brief you the description of this classification & rationale behind it.

Easy & Doable :
The questions which definitely are easy but because of some silly reasons you missed out on scoring from these.

Medium & Input Needed :
These are the questions which can be solved by you if you do some self-study or ask a friend/tutor/coach.

Difficult & Avoidable :
These are the questions which need a lot of study from your end and even then you won't be confident about solving them or their variants in the actual JEE Mains day.

Now the strategy is to judiciously use our time. So, we'll study only topics related to 'Medium & Input Needed' questions and not waste any time on 'Difficult & Avoidable' type. But before you do this, please also calculate your score percentage by adjusting for 'Easy & Doable' & 'Medium & Input Needed' categories. So, you'll have three kinds of scores. Actual, 'Easy & Doable' & 'Medium & Input Needed'.

Actual = Actual

'Easy & Doable' = Actual Score + Add 'Easy & Doable'

'Medium & Input Needed' = Actual Score + Add 'Easy & Doable' + 'Medium & Input Needed'

When I say add 'Easy & Doable', you have to adjust your score by +4 if you missed an 'Easy & Doable' question and +5 if you attempted it incorrectly. Similarly, do for the 'Medium & Input Needed' and other questions. Then, calculate your score percentages and tabulate them like below:

The above is what one of my students has sent me. This would be a proper appraisal & indicator of your expected rank with the current level of understanding. You also have to identify the key areas of physics, chemistry & maths to focus on, somewhat like given below which my student has done.

You, my friend, also have to do a similar exercise. Now, start reading those identified topics from 'Medium & Input Needed'. This would definitely vary from student to student.

Take 7-10 day for this step.

Step 3:

After doing subject-analysis and self-study of identified topics from 'Medium & Input Needed' you are 90% ready for JEE mains. Only now start solving full papers in 3 hours by strictly following the time constraint. Buy a sample paper or download practice JEE Mains paper from the internet for this step. Take around a week for this exercise. This step is to build your examination temperament.

All these steps are tried & tested successfully by various students. You need to wane off the variations in your score. This would build confidence & predictability in yourself. If you follow all these steps, you are bound to qualify JEE Mains & enhance your All India Rank by a considerable margin.

For help in anything related to JEE mains, you can reach out to me at :

I am always happy to help.

Best of luck for your JEE Mains!

JNU Ruckus Must Invoke Your Patriotism

I have only felt this patriotic a couple of times before this ruckus. If you look at the actual incidence at JNU, it called for an incisive action right there at the bud. The whole chain of events conspicuously points to a serious problem in our nation. The problem of sympathising with the impostor victim.

Just skimming over the surface of all what has transpired in the nation just points out to a deep Narendra Modi hate which transformed into such depraved state of affairs. The unwavering tolerance of this nation towards minority appeasement has always stayed at the same level. Alas! few marketing mavericks of the stuttering opposition found a new voice. Raising the idea of intolerance and attacking the right leaning nature of our current BJP government. Invoking RSS-BJP in every incident which could garner viral attention became a trump card for political mouthpieces. It was never a secret what our current government's agenda is, much before the 2014's party election manifesto was out in public domain. Now, if the party has been given the green flag to fulfil them, we must respect the democratic mandate. Instead, the misguided youth of this nation has forgotten elementary economics and just understands  the humanitarian narrative even at the cost of regressive ideas passing off as intellectual holy grail. 

It is no secret that leftists of this country have never been nationalists in the true sense of the word. Refer this 

...For example, can a Marxist historian be expected to offer a fair commentary of the Quit India Movement where the Communist Party of India had collaborated with the British Raj and worked against the interest of nationalists? ...

 For once, I can accept that whatever happened at JNU was done by outsiders or was an one off incident. I would also accept Kanhaiya Kumar, was not involved in any anti-national activity. Now, where would I put the equally venomous sloganeering of Jadavpur University's kids?

There is a parallel narrative that an average JNU student is 40 years old researcher who acts as a parasite on nation's taxpayers' money. Does it not bother you, when there is so much hue and cry about the IIT students? By and large, most of the IITians stay back in the country and contribute to the GDP rather than eroding it & trying to equally divide & erode the GDP. I would like this narrative to be discussed some other time, though!

If you are not happy with your nation, you do raise your voice but never wish for its destruction. It is a sign of escapist terrorism. We have been too tolerant of the political ambitions of our elite class.

Successive Congress governments pampered the minority voting bloc and an impressive network of academics, NGOs, and others was developed that dominated the public sphere...
Now, is the time to take a side; Which is a sorry scenario. If corrupt & ill-motivated factions of the society want this simple act of seditious slur to take a political turn. Let it be. If they want this to be BJP versus the rest, let it be. You, my friend must take a side. Whether you wish prosperity with economic development or a nation knee deep in debt with successive governments giving lip-service to secularism, diversity and tolerance, is your call. I am not afraid of being labelled as a Narendra Modi 'Bhakt' if it comes with a hope of economic development and greater ease of doing business. Right now, the nation doesn't have an option. Whether you can be a Kejriwal fan or a Modi bhakt. Be unapologetic about it!

Arvind Kejriwal was a man who was suited as social change agent. I admired him much before he came in public limelight. He has now joined hands with all the ideologies which are anti-BJP. As, that is the only impediment for his ambitious plans to become the PM of India. I would never choose Kejriwal or his AAP anyway. So, the next and the only logical option we are left is BJP. So, I make my stand clear. This is just for the greater good. Modi government is a short term solution till we figure out a messiah better than Kejriwal and having a clearer vision than NDA alliance.

At this juncture, I would like to point out that nobody is shutting JNU. That is a straw man argument. It just takes the attention of the youth away from the main issue. The incident at JNU must not be repeated is what the nation is after. Don't be patriotic! Don't be nationalist! But at least have some regard & respect for a billion people who empty out their pockets to educate you.

Revolutions should survive itself, it must not act like a parasite. And the youth needs a direction!

It can be rightly said that this issue has polarised the nation in two halves but I feel it was needed at this point. Or else, the prolonged misuse of minority rights to target Hindu majority will be an intellectual pastime and paralyse the nation beyond recuperation.

Tinder Date Story

““You don't get creative once everything is okay. In fact, we are creative because everything isn't okay (yet)” , Rohan repeats this line from a popular blog. He thinks of reconciling with his not so fantabulous life. The thought of it gyrates his mood to put his creative urges on a piece of paper. Rohan jots down everything. Everything which has bothered him”

“Ok, stop stop”, screams Devika. “Why the hell are you referring yourself with your name. That is so weird and trite. I have had enough of it in past. It has lost its charm”

“Devika, just listen! I’m narrating to you our story. How we met. How I met you. How we are here sitting side by side each other. Can’t I get over the top and act a bit melodramatic and cheesy?” states Rohan.

“Sorry Rohan, not interrupting you in between again” says an apologetic Devika with a sly gleam.

“So, Rohan starts giving every worry a written shape. Rohan knows he is boring for the regular Joe or Jill. He has never been so bothered about his lack of taste in music & gourmet food or his non-existent travel stories. He feels we all need to feel stimulation from within. Seeking the same from an outside stimuli is the last resort for the creatively oriented. Rohan feels whenever he is in need of an external agent to calm or excite himself, that is when he is at his worst. Cutting the long overdrawn philosophical hyperbole, let’s now jump to what he chances on.

Rohan realizes he has never made an attempt to do the “Can I buy a drink, lady” act. He is overwhelmed with this idea. He starts scrounging the internet for free tips on picking up women. While doing that, Rohan is dealing with thoughts of his lame & pathetic research. But, as our Rohan is, he never leaves a room for error when it comes to research for his personal satiation. So with all his newfound arsenal about , “How to buy a drink for women” & “seek indulgence” he proceeds to the mission.

I know Devika, this may all repel you and you may term Rohan a psycho. But, you know what? Day 1, Day 2, Day 3,....Day 11, all went by with Rohan buying drinks for himself and burning a huge hole in his pocket. There is a special name for people like Rohan. I must not utter that word.

Then it dawned to him. There is something called the online world of dating, where it is easy for people to act like Jack Sparrow. And, Rohan downloads Tinder.” completes an exhausted Rohan.

“How boring, Rohan. This is how we met. I already know this but I expected a better story from someone who calls himself a storyteller.” says Devika

“But it is truth. And as they say, Truth is stranger than fiction” retorts Rohan

“You know Rohan, I have read somewhere that never let truth come in the way of a good story” quips Devika

“Oh, wow! This first Tinder date is already giving me sparks. We have something going on” speaks Rohan

Rohan and Devika start having conversations about first date conversations. They had already broken the proverbial ice, and were dancing on it. Rohan started shooting his flurry of cheesy one-liners and made Devika blush like she has had never before. Apparently, it started a blushing competition. From a good distance also anybody could’ve said that Rohan was blushing in equal intensity if not less than Devika.

This is a thing about Rohan. Rohan has a 10-year old kid, a 16-year old girl and a 70-year old grandpa inside him. All of these personalities betray our 26 year old Rohan. Rohan has a sea of tranquility to hide them in his day-to-day business-as-usual proceedings. But at the first instance of intimacy with women, his emotional defenses collapses and he starts acting like a kid, girl or grandfather. This attracts women sometimes. So, Rohan always was never in dearth of women company. This however makes him a bad boyfriend. He is not the archetypical matured ladies’ man.

Rohan & Devika then started walking. So, their first dinner date was now already a walk-date. They exchanged glances. Devika held her gaze for a bit longer than Rohan, quite a few times. Still, this was a well contested fight. Tension was just building and they already had a chemistry.

“So, you write stories since when?” asked Devika

“I have been writing for the past 7 years now, Devika. It started for a weird reason & it started getting me into weird situations and I kept on it. Though, my relationship with writing has taken many twists & turns. I still rebound to writing after any emotional episode.” expresses Rohan

Devika puts her head on his shoulder and says , “I am sleepy Rohan”

“Shit! That’s the worst form of insult. You are bored to sleep. And, I thought we have a thing going on between us!” exclaims Rohan

“Walk me to home Rohan. You boring first date!” teases Devika tongue-in-cheek as her statement was as far from truth as sea is from the skies.

“Of! Course my beautiful young lady” speaks Rohan

Rohan escorts Devika to her 3rd floor flat and accepts the invitation to hang on for a bit. The invitation leads Rohan to explore Devika’s flat. Rohan crashes on her bed and starts reading the bookmarked “The Metamorphosis” lying on the bedside table. 

Rohan wakes up next day to find himself floating on a sea of golden water. He had mermaids all over the sea swimming around and smiling at him. He starts moving his hands and legs only to realise that it was a dream. He sees Devika sleeping on his shoulder. He gently caresses her hair, ear & kisses her head. And goes back to sleep.

PS : Not based on any true story. Complete work of fiction. Remember, “never let truth come in the way of a good story”