My Atthani : 'Haider' Movie review

Rating : 9.0/10
Reasons to spend your money : Shahid Kapoor's marvellous acting & Picturesque Locations
You can stay at home if : You can wait for the DVD 
You would like it if you like :  You need an escapist cinema which involves you for more than 2 hrs
You would hate it if you dislike : Movies which entertain you less and make you think more

'Haider' is an engrossing movie which does its job of keeping your woes out of the theatre pretty well for the entire stretch of movie. It's one of those rare examples of Hindi cinema which doesn't stutter post-interval. Haider as a movie comes out of the envelope completely only after the intermission. Shahid Kapoor is the star of the movie and rest all support his performance. It's not that others would not impress you but Shahid as 'Haider' is that special dish which stands out on the dinner table; even though other dishes are equally well prepared by your mom.


My Atthani : 'Finding Fanny' Movie review

Rating : 7.0/10
Reasons to spend your money : Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapur & Deepika Padukone
You can stay at home if : You don't like slow-paced movies 
You would like it if you like :  Red Wine (Yes!) - The experience of watching this movie is similar
You would hate it if you dislike : English interspersed in a Hindi Movie

'Finding Fanny' is a story about five lonely & quirky people whose lives have come to a halt because of different reasons. This inertia is suddenly disturbed when all these people set out on a journey to find Naseeruddin Shah's love interest of yore. 'Finding Fanny' is just a different movie after the interval. I won't say it suffers from the 'curse of second half'. However, there was not much to tell in the later stages of the movie so it meanders along the scenes when Deepika & Arjun Kapoor get cosy & Pankaj Kapur paints an overtly outrageous nude of Dimple Kapadia.

I have no regrets of watching this movie as it is pleasant and even you won't dissatisfied.

My Atthani : '2 States' Movie review

Rating : 8.0/10
Reasons to spend your money : Alia Bhatt, 2 States (Novel), 'Feel-good experience'
You can stay at home if : You would rather buy a DVD 
You would like it if you like :  Chetan Bhagat, Alia Bhatt & Rom-coms with happy ending
You would hate it if you dislike : Chetan Bhagat, Alia Bhatt & Rom-coms [Same as above, yes!]

'2 States' the movie is slightly overstretched in order to accommodate almost everything written in the novel. Nevertheless, it doesn't put you off, just tests your patience.  Barring that, this movie is like a cool breeze you need this summer to ease your mind. It skips the non-sense & highly contrived Bollywood depiction of 'chase for a romantic relationship'. It presents how modern day couples get into a romantic liaison. The only part which could bother you is the 'emotional attyachar' of their parents.

If you seek my word, go for this movie & you'll come out with a smile.