Are you Bored?---What to do when you are bored??

Life is not so interesting. Every fifth day, you may feel bored and not find anything interesting or funny to do.
I have been through many such boring moments in my life and I’ll share what I do when I feel bored…….

1. Search something interesting on the internet……that’s very difficult!!!
2. Visit Orkut profiles of your friends……’ll not find anything interesting.
3. Visit random Orkut profiles of unknown persons…’ll find loads of interesting things.

Sometimes, it could well lead to something very funny and interesting.
Once, I did a similar sort of thing.
I visited profile of a girl and left a scrap.
Scrap :Do I know you??

After this a really interesting conversation followed….

Girl: This question should have been asked by me…….
Me: Yeah……but I thought you know me??
Girl: Why should I know you...? Are you a celebrity??
Me: Actually, Your profile picture resembled one of friends’….but I couldn’t remember
her name……So, I thought let’s see if you remember me….
Girl: I don’t have a twin sister…..and I don’t know you… please stop bugging me…
Me: BTW…….what do you do?
Girl: I’m doing my graduation and preparing for CAT-2009.
There was a moment to be seized…………..after that some general talks made us friends………….. I hope she(the girl) doesn’t read this……..but she never reads my blog.
I’m safe.

I know that I’m not a good blogger. I do commit a lot of mistakes in my blog posts.
If anyone of you want to rectify me and willing to waste your valuable time with my blog and me, you are free to do so.

1. Send me an e-mail.
2. Subject: I want to bore you.
3. E-mail body: Write your name, qualification (just for fun), blogging experience.
4. E-mail address:

PS: I thank unlisten for her suggestion about this post.
PS: I'm enjoying my holidays at home.
PS: I don't think our government will attack Pakistan.
PS: Do apply for the boring job.
PS: "Sorry Bhai" is a good timepass movie.

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Anonymous said...

hey hey hey i m feeling myself lucky to post 1st comment on the
very popular blog of a very gud blogger atleast according to me (don't know about others)
well may be the idea was mine but the originality of thoughts truely belongs to u hats off!!
i wish the girl don't read this post otherwise i guess i will be the first to be beated by her before u ..
bachaoo bachaoo lolzz..
anyways thanku for admiring my idea for posting. :)

Sajal Ehsaas said...

though most people wont support this idea of making friends blindly on orkut but I beg to fact ye odd comment karne ki aadat meri bhi rahee hai...and since I did make some special friends on orkut so i wil have to accept that this is just a sweet little thing...

down the memory lane:

one of my the friendships started when i left an odd scrap that her bday was just one day away from her fav heroine(which was visible from her communities) started off in such weird manner but ventually turned out to be a long friendship

one incident was where I commented on a profile(again a gal) that by mistake she had "yes" in the childrens column in her profile....she happens to be one of my best friends now

lage raho..hum jaise descent log badmaashi bhi karenge to limit mein hi karenge....keep visiting "beautiful" profiles :P

zo said...

nice post... enjoyed it :)

hey! cant seem to find any sharing engine on ur blog. y dnt u use something like Tell-a-Friend so that visitor like me can easily share ur posts with frens thru mails,IMs,blogs,socialnetworking sites etc...u cn simply register on Do check it out :)

Ashish Gourav said...

hmmm... It was really a nice idea to post a blog-post on such a topic.....
thnx........ waise don't be afraid... she doesn't read my blog.

@Pyaasa Sajal
I know sajal........ I do enjoy such things on orkut.... but blindly nahi... dekh ke friends banane chayiye.....
thnx for ur words... sajal

Ashish Gourav said...

Welcome to my Blog
Thanks for ur appreciation...
I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused but after this month I'll surely add the tools you advised...
Till then I won't be writing anything new also... so keep reading...and don't forget my blog after a month.....I hope readers like you keep coming.. and again
Thanks for ur comment.....
sorry but wait a month plzz

zo said...

a month ? it takes only some few minutes to implement it...anyway if ur busy that's absolutely fine :)

Aparna (Life Takes) said...

good that u became friends with her

i do blog hopping when i am bored

and also read orkut profiles rapidly and watch photos if they r no trestricted to non-friends

Aparna (Life Takes) said...

a month?/ where r u going?

Mr. Wilson said...

I'll write something that i can post to my blog..that's what i'll do if i'm bored, aside from finishing my research..please come by to my blog..thankz..SmilesS to you..

Ashish Gourav said...

wait for just a few days dear.... I understand that it'll take few inutes but I don't have a good internet connection so when I reach my college I'll surely do many changes to my blog...
thnx for ur comments again..keep treading..

I've told you earlier that I'm at home so.....well thnx for ur comment and it's nice to know that you are also of my nature..(bore time).......
I've left a comment on your recent post... :)

Hi ... welcome to my blog... thnx for ur comment and surely I'll be visiting your blog.... :)

Zorami said...

Thanks Ashish ...:)

harshabadbad said...

Ur ideas are a bit different dude!
Like em...

Ashish Gourav said...

WEll thnx for what????

Welcome to my blog

Neha said...

hehehee.....such a funny post! it! :)
and i think if a blog is this good, grammatical errors could be overlooked! :)

Priya said...

/*If anyone of you wants to rectify me*/
If anyone of you 'want' to rectify me...

Ashish Gourav said...

Welcome to my Blog
I'm highly elated to read a comment from a very famous blogger....thnx for the comment and suggestion...I'll surely correct my post....
thnx again...keep visiting and of course also keep reading and do comment sometimes...:)

so nice of you... :)

Zorami said...

Ashish,"zoram" is my alternate ID ..I'm so sorry for confusing you :) thanks for visiting my blog

Ashish Gourav said...

well well well......I knew this but I was trying to get an extra comment on my blog...lolzz
well it's so nice of you that you do actually regularly visit my blog despite the fact that it has not been updated since ages and I've also not fulfilled your request..that"Tell your friend" thing....sorry but wait for two weeks and then I'll get it done and u'll see a new look of my blog in the New year...keep reading
thnx again for your regularity...:)

Priya said...

Thanks for the Welcome! Whoa! =)

You know something really scared me in your blog. Maybe thats the reason I couldn't really say anything earlier.

It was this :
/*Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence.*/


Ashish Gourav said...

ROLF........I was also thinking to change that........ but I'll keep scaring u for this year....I'll change that after this melodramatic year gets over........

Sajal Ehsaas said...

waiting for u to resume ur blogging buddy

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