"I", "me" and "we"

Blogger! Blogger! I’m here,
Don’t get afraid as I’m not so near.
I also read, and I also drink.
I also sight, and I also fight.
I also feel, and I also want to kill.
However, I don’t want to slay people,
I want to transfigure the belief, approach and emotion,
which drives the insane to harm our nation.
I’m also religious, and I’m also spiritual.
I also talk, and I also laugh.
I also hate, but not everyone,
actually, I don’t despise people,
I detest those who are foes,
people who are lunatic to add to our woes.
The problem also lies within me.
The seed of hatred has also tried to germinate within me.
If I simply replace the letter ‘I’,
we could lead a life which would please every eye.
Let me try, let me fail.
At least, give me a chance.
Blogger! Blogger! We’re here,
Don’t get afraid as we are near.
We are here, we are dear.
We are united, and we are fearless.
We will stand together, and we will live together.
We cannot be shaken, as all the tremors are
absorbed. We are ready for war,
but we would love to live in peace.
However, we are ready.
We are ready for war against injustice.
We are ready for war against inhumanity.
We are ready for war against terrorism.
We are one, and ‘I’ is none.

PS: Is this a poem?
PS: This is my second attempt in poetry
PS: Did you like it?..please let me know
PS: Holidays over....
PS: Back to blogosphere, I'm happy

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Aparna said...

hey ashish!

cute poem...i like he rhyme sequences at the end

the last 4 lines were nice

welcome back to blogosphere..we missed u around.

Pyaasa Sajal said...

the concept is very good...and certain sentences are lovely,which showcase ur poetic abilities...but at times poem went a bit too ordinary...still after reading the entire poem I felt it sounds innocent....

so benefit of doubt dis time :)

keep writing...you will come up wid even beter ones...

Ashish said...

.....thnx but when I was writing the last four lines I thought they are a bit too deviated from the poem...nyways it was my second attempt..........

@Pyaasa Sajal
I like this good habit of yours......
you never write any "tongue and cheek" comments on my posts.....
you always critically study my post which gives me a sense of satisfaction that I have a good critic who never misses the good things in my posts..........u always say the words which are needed..thnx.....

*~*Pooja*~* said...

you should try more of poetry and dont consciously try to rhyme... a good attempt!!

Ashish said...

u r correct. nyways it is tough to write a poem
btw......is it ur first comment at my blog????
Welcome to my blog..and thanx for ur nice comment

Priyaranjan said...

The last line
" We are one and I is none"
made your poem brilliant..... I appreciate your good work ...!!

sreevishnu said...

"Let me try, let me fail.
At least, give me a chance."

Superb mann!!...I liked it a lot.....nice concept..
Certain lines atleast some of the initial lines are non-poetic............too ordinary

Keep on trying..!!!!!

Ashish said...

only the last line...???? :P
thnx yaaar.....

Let's hope for the best but the truth is I cannot be a poet.....thnx for ur comment

vish said...

hey when i was reading it i thought it a sequel of "u me and hum" lolzz
but finally i know about the true
"WE"TO power hidden inside it.Just one word to describe

Ashish said...

and thnx

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