I was tagged by Sajal yesterday at G-talk and here it goes...

Blogging for me is:

It is not for me but for my readers. 


'One' resolution for New Year:

I want to look like Aamir khan (without 8 packs)


Bike or Car (and why):

Car, I’ve three reasons for it

1.       It’s safer than bike

2.       I’ve always dreamt of going on a long drive with my soul-mate in a car.

3.       While driving a car you can look into the eyes of.......... obviously you can guess?? J


A chance to fly or a chance to be invisible (and why):

Invisible, I suffer from Acrophobia (an extreme or irrational fear of heights).

I would love to love:

My parents, they deserve my love more than anyone in this world.


Most recent Dream I had:

I’m a kid again. Teacher in the school asks to describe a word and I was struggling L


If I were to marry today, I would:

If the girl is pretty, I would be delighted.

If the girl is not so ..., I wouldn’t marry and convince everybody that I’m underage (I’m actually 20 years old). 


My Dream Girl is/would be:



Best Flirt I have known personally:

A guy named Harsh from Tata DAV public School, Noamundi.

He had no work other than changing girlfriends every fortnight.

He is a gem of Noamundi. I like the ways he used to flirt with girls.


Physics or mathematics (and why):

Physics, I understand it more and it is easier than mathematics.


Given a chance to paint the sky, I would (which colour):



Favourite Poet (author I know):

Chetan Bhagat.


Favourite Blog:

1. CHRONICLES OF FIRST LOVE (teenage love story)

Its sequel

2. In Love Again…

Please don’t miss these blogs


Favourite childhood story:

The crocodile and the monkey...

I’ve heard many versions of it, my grandmother first narrated then I've read it many times.


If I were to compare moon to 1 thing, I would:



Latest Crush:

Asin, the actress in Ghajini.


Favourite 3 letter word (tricky one):

IIT, I know this is not a word but I’m obsessed with IIT.


One thing I hate about Internet:

It’s addictive and it can make your life miserable if internet connection is disturbed.


Latest Lie that I told:

No, I can’t remember.


Hindi word I use most frequently:

Haan (Yes)


English word I use most frequently:

Obviously, this is most used by all the engineering students.


Favourite question among the above ones:

Favourite 3 letter word (tricky one):


Least favourite question among the above ones:

Blogging for me is:


PS: I don't know much about this tagging business
PS: What is your New year resolution?
PS: Fourth semester starts today
PS: Going to attend the Mathematics lecture(boring), bye

"I", "me" and "we"

Blogger! Blogger! I’m here,
Don’t get afraid as I’m not so near.
I also read, and I also drink.
I also sight, and I also fight.
I also feel, and I also want to kill.
However, I don’t want to slay people,
I want to transfigure the belief, approach and emotion,
which drives the insane to harm our nation.
I’m also religious, and I’m also spiritual.
I also talk, and I also laugh.
I also hate, but not everyone,
actually, I don’t despise people,
I detest those who are foes,
people who are lunatic to add to our woes.
The problem also lies within me.
The seed of hatred has also tried to germinate within me.
If I simply replace the letter ‘I’,
we could lead a life which would please every eye.
Let me try, let me fail.
At least, give me a chance.
Blogger! Blogger! We’re here,
Don’t get afraid as we are near.
We are here, we are dear.
We are united, and we are fearless.
We will stand together, and we will live together.
We cannot be shaken, as all the tremors are
absorbed. We are ready for war,
but we would love to live in peace.
However, we are ready.
We are ready for war against injustice.
We are ready for war against inhumanity.
We are ready for war against terrorism.
We are one, and ‘I’ is none.

PS: Is this a poem?
PS: This is my second attempt in poetry
PS: Did you like it?..please let me know
PS: Holidays over....
PS: Back to blogosphere, I'm happy

Are you Bored?---What to do when you are bored??

Life is not so interesting. Every fifth day, you may feel bored and not find anything interesting or funny to do.
I have been through many such boring moments in my life and I’ll share what I do when I feel bored…….

1. Search something interesting on the internet……that’s very difficult!!!
2. Visit Orkut profiles of your friends……..you’ll not find anything interesting.
3. Visit random Orkut profiles of unknown persons…....you’ll find loads of interesting things.

Sometimes, it could well lead to something very funny and interesting.
Once, I did a similar sort of thing.
I visited profile of a girl and left a scrap.
Scrap :Do I know you??

After this a really interesting conversation followed….

Girl: This question should have been asked by me…….
Me: Yeah……but I thought you know me??
Girl: Why should I know you...? Are you a celebrity??
Me: Actually, Your profile picture resembled one of friends’….but I couldn’t remember
her name……So, I thought let’s see if you remember me….
Girl: I don’t have a twin sister…..and I don’t know you…..so please stop bugging me…
Me: BTW…….what do you do?
Girl: I’m doing my graduation and preparing for CAT-2009.
There was a moment to be seized…………..after that some general talks made us friends………….. I hope she(the girl) doesn’t read this……..but she never reads my blog.
I’m safe.

I know that I’m not a good blogger. I do commit a lot of mistakes in my blog posts.
If anyone of you want to rectify me and willing to waste your valuable time with my blog and me, you are free to do so.

1. Send me an e-mail.
2. Subject: I want to bore you.
3. E-mail body: Write your name, qualification (just for fun), blogging experience.
4. E-mail address: ashishiitkgp4@gmail.com

PS: I thank unlisten for her suggestion about this post.
PS: I'm enjoying my holidays at home.
PS: I don't think our government will attack Pakistan.
PS: Do apply for the boring job.
PS: "Sorry Bhai" is a good timepass movie.