Love, Life and Dream On...

A University of California study found that 10 per cent of all start-ups in the Silicon Valley between 1995 and 1998 were by Indians, most of whom had come from the IIT system. This was the scenario between 1995 and 1998.

1.Raj Kamal Jha
2.Tushar Raheja
3.Sandipan Deb
Q. Guess, who’s next in this list?
A. Chetan Bhagat.

Once upon a time IITians were considered as geek entrepreneurs and technocrats. Now, they have become smarter. The entrepreneur in them gave birth to a new field of quick fame. It’s different than research, it’s different than entrepreneurship and it’s also different from bollywood to an extent.
Obviously, the talk of the campuses all over the Indian sub-continent is the rise of IITians as authors and novelists. The tale of technocrats who have left their highly equipped laboratories to write about some fictional world is selling like hotcakes. It’s a fact, better get used to this.
One thing this new generation of IITians in India is doing is making the lazy Indians like me to read novels. Indians are used to bollywood and cricket that anything apart from these can’t entertain an average Indian. However, authors like Chetan Bhagat have done a considerably great work by writing some easy to comprehend novels. The USP of these novels is that you can immediately identify yourself with the characters. They are so Indian that they seem to be the classmate or your neighbour’s son or daughter.
I too began reading novels influenced by Chetan bhagat’s literary excellence.
I was just turning the pages of the newspaper when I saw this
“IIT Student Sells Dreams”
It immediately caught my attention and I read the whole story. I even visited his website.
Q. Whose website?
A. Animesh Verma.

Yeah, he is the new sensation and the talk of the literary world. His maiden novel, “Love Life and Dream On...” has sold over 10,000 copies in less than a month. Animesh Verma, an alumnus of Hindu College, who is now pursuing Master's in chemistry from IIT-Mumbai, is not a fan of Chetan Bhagat unlike most of the IITians.
After reading the reviews, I’m surely going to get a copy of Animesh’s first novel and I strongly recommend every reader to read yet another IITian’s masterpiece.
I won’t give any review of the book here as I’m yet to have a look of the book but after reading the reviews I'm glad to give you some links to them too.

1.Animesh Verma's Website

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4.Animesh Verma's Blog (Love, Life and Dream On...)

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Who is my ********?

“******** is a term sometimes used to designate someone with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity , love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, and/or compatibility.”
The term is soulmate. This is the second most difficult and most incomprehensible term that I’ve ever come across. Undoubtedly, the first place goes to “girls”. Girls are the most difficult species to understand or to envisage but the easiest to get confounded.
BTW, let me clarify that the first few quoted lines are not cluttered by me but it has been taken from the Wikipedia.
Where is my soulmate?
Does she exist? I mean am I lucky enough?
How is my soulmate?
Is she beautiful err... gorgeous?
Does these questions hit your brain and hurt your heart?
You don’t need to panic you don’t have any syndrome, phobia or disease it’s just a phase of life everyone goes through when he/she fails in fourthree things.
1.Finding a girlfriend.
2.Finding a boyfriend.
3.Managing a relationship.
4.Failure in exams or in general failure in anything is a fact!!!
I cannot explain the answers to the above questions nor can I describe extensively about the causes of increased level of urgency and curiosity in searching our soulmate after these three/four events that I’ve listed above but I can share some of my experiences with you.
I’m also suffering from this “soulmate search fever”.
The reasons for this in my case are failure to win a girl’s heart and bad results in exams leading to confusion about my future. Actually, this is a chain reaction. When someone is low and desperate emotionally he starts thinking about his/her soulmate and sinks in his/her thoughts and after this the chain keeps you inside and once again the time spent in imagining about your soulmate kicks you in exams or in your professional/academic life to once again fail and the reaction goes on its course.
Right from my early teenage rather childhood days, I couldn’t stop imagining about my soulmate as I’m a failure since 1988 (my year of birth).
I’m also a day-dreamer. I tend to always count the eggs of an unhatched egg forgetting the fact that the egg could be also of an impotent baby cock.
So here are my romantic thoughts about my soulmate
To my soulmate

Hi Darling
How are you? I hope you would be enjoying your days but also missing my presence in your life. I miss you too honey. I hope we meet soon. BTW, I’m getting a little bit impatient thinking about you. Wherever you are, please do not forget me as I cannot stop thinking about you. I imagine a beautiful house in a serene and beautiful place in which we enter and make it a home. We both share our work in my dreams about “you and our sweet home”. I also help you in the kitchen. That is the most romantic thing that I ever visualize. Just imagine that you are cutting onions and tears have started to roll down through your artistically beautiful cheeks. They look very sweet and pretty honey! After that I kiss your wet cheeks and that is the scene which fades my further imaginative memory about you. I hope this letter reaches you and melts your heart and we both start our life.


My failures in "soulmate search fever"
1.Love at last sight
2.My first date

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Continuity and discontinuity

The human form of life is always spending in analyzing the beauty of nature and its emulation. We may try everything and come to solutions of few problems but there is a difference between us and god which makes him almighty. The name is no misnomer for him; he always has an extra edge over us. The perfection of god can be realized by experiencing many phenomena. People have different perception levels and their level of understanding varies according to age, intelligence and education. So according to my observation the biggest drawback of humans lies in failing to make continuous things. According to me, we emulate to fool ourselves by modelling continuous things with contiguous behaviour.

Let me add proof to my words.

Digital imaging has been fascinating me for the last 2-3 years but I've not done much about it, though I know few things which are worth sharing. When you see an image which is digital, the first thing which should strike to your mind is why this is called digital. It makes sense when you try to enquire a little. Digital displays are made up from small dots called pixels. The digital image is built up from these dots. The smaller and closer the dots are together, the better the quality of the image. The story of pixels may be a little incomprehensible but if I can apprehend it then everybody can savour it.
I'll explain with the number line. When I was a kid, I thought there are numbers from 1 to as much you can think and also zero. When I studied in higher classes I realized that there are certain numbers which when added are capable of reducing the original value of a number, they are negative numbers. Negative numbers did trouble me a lot with their opposite behaviour and as a matter of fact I was never a good mathematics student. To add to my woes, I was informed that between any two numbers there are infinite numbers possible.
The above fact may distract you away from this post but please keep reading as if you have come so far then the rest of my post is also not so arid, banal and boring.
The number line story teaches us something, there are infinite numbers between any two numbers. Please bear this fact in your mind while reading rest of the post, it'll surely help. I know everybody must be aware of the visible spectrum of light. Light has seven visible components. However, Red, Green and Blue consists all the primary colours and their appropriate composition can give light all the different variations of colours that we can appreciate. This is capitalized in digital imaging.

Take an example with a pinch of salt.

A random point in space can be described with the help of three parameters, rather three coordinates. To be exact, it's horizontal and vertical distance, and the lateral shift with respect to your position. I know this is a bit difficult for non-science background readers to digest but this would be clear if you give it a little thought.

A red spot can be described as an area of complete red region. Red region means the colour of the region is red. Several distinct points in space can be joined to form a curvilinear figure. Two points if joined makes a straight line and hence forth. A straight line has many points, in fact, infinite points but only two points are sufficient to describe a straight line. This fact is not true for other figures. An area is also comprised of many points. The details of several points may give us an idea about the area; it may not be exact but could suggest something.
A red spot needs a description which is very simple. A large number of points with the same colour namely red makes the spot red. Similarly, for a green and blue spot we have infinite number of points with the same colour. However, a spot can be of various colours and if every point has the same colour, it makes the spot of that particular colour. Imagination can create wonders. Instead of every point of same colour if we have some points of red and others of other colours we will have a mixed colour spot rather an image. Every point is also known as pixel in scientific jargon. A pixel can depict any colour depending upon the ratio of red, blue and green components in it. In more common terms, the RGB value (Red-Green-Blue value) of a pixel decides the colour of the pixel. For example, if percentage of red, green and blue is equal then we get white light or a white spot. The colour of our skin can also be viewed by an appropriate composition of colours in various pixels. The resolution or rather the clarity of an image can be increased by increasing the number of dots known as pixels.

The above transition in the number of pixels gradually illustrates the effect of number of pixels in an image. In the first square, only one pixel is used which produces a blue spot. The second has four different types of colour regions due to four pixels. The number of pixels eventually increases to give sufficient approximation to the actual image when the number of pixels rises to 10000. One thing which should be kept in mind is the final image is not the exact continuous image but the best contiguous example in the above set of images. If we double the pixel numbers or reduce the individual size of pixels then the clarity or resolution will increase but our eyes treat the final image as the best one because of limit to the sensory perception.
Let us take a smooth transition from static images to moving images or videos. Digital videos are just yet another example of the contiguous behaviour. Our eyes can differentiate between 10 images in one second and if we try to observe more than ten, our eyes cannot function properly. In digital videos around 24 frames or images are smoothly exposed to our eyes and all are linked to each other such that we cannot differentiate between them and thus once again the contiguous model fools us and we term the phenomenon as moving pictures.

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