Physics for JEE/NEET : Timeless Thumb Rules

How can I improve my conceptual understanding of Physics?

Reading only one textbook for at least 2–3 times and solving all the numerical problems of that book. Also, modify those 
numerical problems, play with them! ….Then start with thought experiments. Also, engage with your teachers & parents.
How do I plan my 'study' to cover all the chapters for the JEE Physics without stress?

Step 1: 

Read HC Verma; solve all the questions. Don't worry if you can't solve all the questions. Just keep a track of those questions. Don't ask any doubts till the next 3 months. STOP using the INTERNET for the next 3 months. Get hold of a good mathematics book (ask your Mathematics teacher) and complete the first few chapters on Coordinate Geometry; Differential Calculus.
Step 2:
Armed with a lot of confusion & doubts, consult any teacher. If you need help after 3 months, message me. I'll help you! This is just my contribution for the universe.
Step 3:
By now, you must've understood a lot about JEE. Prepare your own strategy. OR read the success stories of top 100 rankers and get inspired to make a hybrid strategy.

As we know, the exam consists of multiple concepts. What would be the best preparation strategy for solving these questions?
Take it easy & slow. Don't try to solve the toughest questions from day 1. You are no Einstein, or else you wouldn't have been looking for answers to the above question on a public platform. Try to grasp the topics and make them part of your life. For the first six months only read, read & read more...

After six months start solving questions. If you face any problems, read again...

Gradually move on to 
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ or Objective) ... Develop a winning strategy which works for you. Everybody has their own approach to solving the problems of any exam or ...err life.
Which books to follow?
For Physics - H.C. Verma & NCERT are more than sufficient 

A WORD OF CAUTION : Stop reading Books which turn JEE questions into theory!
Would you take an advice from a physics faculty? 
Worship HC VERMA like Bible/Geeta/Quran .... rest will follow. In other words, understand every word, punctuation, etc. written in the book. You will surely ace the physics portion of current JEE papers

Find below my brief video on physics preparation strategy for JEE or NEET

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Catch-all and Destiny : Just a Matter of Measurement

Is there anything called Destiny?

Source :

In linear regression, ε(random error term) here is the catch-all for whatever we are missing out by not measuring & capturing in the model[1].
This means there is scope for improvement and making the model less random. So, as we keep on including more independent variables (predictors/features) our model would have less random error.

Now, how is all this connected to destiny, you may say? Well, in that case, please watch the video at the top of the post again.

Here, Sadhguru[2] says that a lot of events were attributed to 'destiny/God's will' in the era gone by, as they didn't have access to science & technology in the scale we have access to, currently.
Now, we can pretty much point out causes of illness/accident/death/... to something known to us.
So, this is a measurement problem and not some esoteric idea of Destiny.
In other words, "what's gets measured gets managed"

In essence, this is what modern machine learning & AI is also about. They keep on studying tons of data to come up with better models. What the model can't explain is error or 
catch-all or Destiny (if I may say so!)

[Live Blog]:Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Mizoram & Telangana Election Results 2018

Final Results [11:01 AM, 12 December 2018]

Madhya Pradesh(230)Chhattisgarh(90)



BSE Sensex has risen by more than 500 points since 11 October 9:15 AM, while NIFTY has risen more than 150 points in the same period.

Let's see who becomes the CM in these respective states.

2:50 PM, 11 December 2018

Madhya Pradesh(230)Chhattisgarh(90)



As of now, the BJP has clearly lost its power in Rajasthan & Chhattisgarh. Madhya Pradesh would be a nail-bitter finish as expected earlier in my prediction.


35,115.14 +155.42 (0.44%)


10,542.20 +53.75 (0.51%)

And the market seems to like it.

10:02 AM, 11 December 2018

Madhya Pradesh(230)Chhattisgarh(90)



34,599.14 −360.58 (1.03%)

10,386.20 −102.25 (0.97%)

8:53 AM, 11 December 2018

Madhya Pradesh(230)Chhattisgarh(90)


Stock Markets yet to open

Madhya Pradesh (MP) Elections, 2018 : Result Prediction [Updated]

Election results predictions are always a difficult thing to get right. However, we all can at least know what to expect from a result; the mood of analytics (as I would like to speak)

Let's look at numbers from opinion polls

Polling agency
4 April 2018IBC2410111910
14 August 2018ABP News- C Voter1061177
9 October 2018Times Now - Warroom Strategies1427711
9 October 2018Times Now - Chrome DM10810319
10 October 2018News Nation11110910
17 October 2018ABP News- C Voter108122
25 October 2018IndiaTV - CNX1288517
02 November 2018ABP News- C Voter Survey1061186
08 November 2018Graphnile6016010
09 November 2018Cvoter1071167
09 November 2018ABP News- CSDS1161059
09 November 2018Timesnow - CNX1229018
Average as on 9 November 201811310710
Image : Wikipedia [,_2018]

If you are unable to fathom so as to what is going on, probably you are a chart/diagram person. So, let's look at it graphically:

Here, it's clearly showing that there is hardly anything to choose between either of the parties. 'BJP Gain' means how many more seats BJP is going to get as per the current opinion poll compared to the last poll. Negative gain or loss hasn't been represented. Similarly for Congress you have INC gain.

Although, you might feel that BJP has seen a sharp surge in the run up to elections, that could be just an illusion of how the data is represented by agencies and me.

Let's look at more graphics

And one more:

Source :

This clearly paints the picture clear that BJP is not getting a simple majority if we believe the numbers which we have. That being said, it's not Congress's gain either.

Apart from these, I have my own way of getting to predictive aspect of anything using my 'Optimistic-Pessimistic-Most Likely Estimate'. More on the technical details and intuitions behind the estimate later. As of now, let's just chew in what my estimator has to say:

Most Likely10794

So, Congress(INC) is going to fall short by around 5-10 seats. Well, even BJP can from the government if they manage some sort of post poll alliance. Certainly, no one can predict with an omniscient accuracy. Everything will be clear in less than a week's time. Till then we can only predict.

Places you might want to go to know more about Madhya Pradesh (MP) Elections, 2018 : Result Prediction
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4. Satta market speculates a likely win for Congress in Madhya Pradesh polls []
5. Quora Answers []

Of course, do check these links to come up with your own predictions.

Update for Exit Polls
Let's look at the pulse of polls, after exit polls.

Polling agency
Today's Chanakya1031252
C Voter – Republic TV1061186
Axis My India – India Today1111136
News Nation1181066
Jan Ki Baat– Republic TV1181057
VDPA Associates135887
CSDS – ABP News9412610
India News- NETA10611212
CNX– Times Now1268915
Poll of Polls1131098
Image : Wikipedia [,_2018]

This shows nothing substantive apart from the fact that BJP & Congress(INC) are squeezing the seats out of other parties.

This is what my comprehensive 'Optimistic-Pessimistic-Most Likely Estimate' predicts:

Most Likely10999

Ohho! Numbers can't get more close than this. Just in case, you want to know I'm trying to predict the outcome for BJP/INC hence, ignored the upside for regional parties. That being said, you can hardly say who will form the government? Let the machinations begin!