My score is 1-2 !!!

I know that some of my last posts are very much engulfed by my thoughts about IIT but still I can't help as this post is also not going to be different in respects of IIT blab.
Kindly handle my lunacy.
My life so far has only seen three goalposts and my score is 1-2.
As you read "1-2" you might be tempted to comment something on my perception of looking life.
I know considering the positive frame of mind you are currently in or not may think that "2-1" would have looked better.
"There are always two ways to look at a half-empty glass."
These views may trigger your thoughts about me. You may think that I'm a pessimistic dolt.
However, I'm a kind of person who is among the rare cricket fans of India who troubled his eyes late-night and witnessed the most part of the famous NatWest final between India and England. There was a time when India's chance was very bleak, but I still couldn't resist my temptation to watch the match till the last bowl. It's not the only occasion, I can articulate a list of around 10-20 matches but I don't want to hurt my blog hits, which is also not so good these days.
In short, I'm an optimistic creature with a little introvert behaviour which makes people think that I'm very boring, dull and self-centered but there are a lot of reasons behind this unusual behaviour.
At first instant you might think that I'm no different person but if you spend some time with me you will discover my boring personality further.
So here I go with the actual story for which the blog post is published..
I'll carry from the "1-2 score.........."
The goalposts (are/were):
1. To secure admission in a good school at Ranchi (my score 1-0).
2. To do engineering from an IIT (...... 2-0).
3. Read further to discover yourself, but I declare that my score is (1-2).

People at IIT are quite ambitious; to be frank I'm no exception to this rule. However, I don't like doing everything which is a potential catapult for my career. Jerks might write an essay story about themselves but I've just a line to describe myself ,"I do each and every thing passionately, either I fully commit to a task or I say a loud and clear "no"; I cannot do a chore half-heartedly".
I may sound very arrogant but I don't prefer my humble attitude to couple with my so far negative post to hurt my ego.
I had only one dream after coming to IIT. I always imagined myself as a core-team member of the organising team of the SpringFest (the annual cultural fest of IIT Kharagpur). I tried to emulate the personalities of some members of the core-team in my dreams. My mind was occupied with the planning needed to get in to the team.
The wait was over as this august just few weeks after the start of third semester the selection process started. The first round was the traditional GD (group discussion) and interviews followed for the candidates who cleared the GD.
I reached the Gymkhana (for GD) very late. I mean was among the last four guys to give the GD. There were questions about my delay in coming for the important GD but my reason was genuine as my train was unexpectedly late by two hours.
However, I was able to impress the seniors with my GD.
Yeah! The process of intake in the team is looked after by our seniors. I kept my fingers crossed until the results were out.
I was among the few 50 out of 150 (plzz.. forgive the figures are not exact) to sail through the first round.
The next day we were called for the personal-interviews. I was a bit doubtful about my chances but still I'd a feeling that there is no reason that I'll not be a part of the core-team. I'd to wait for a long time for my turn to come. Finally, I was called. After the interview everything changed, it was not difficult for me to realize that I'm not going to be a core-team member. The reason was quite obvious. Politics at IIT Kgp is really a cause of worry. I lost my third dream just because of the silly politics which has ruined IIT Kgp.
It was really difficult for me to handle my emotions, I was left shattered. My interview got over at around 12:30 am (night) and the state of disbelief made me cycle around the kgp campus thrice.
It took me quite a long time to come back to normal frame of mind.
It is not that I've forgotten my dreams about SpringFest but now I have few reasons to be at IIT Kgp.
1. I'm in my Department's fest "Great Step" organising team . This was the first edition of the Great Step which took place on
1st and 2nd November. It got a sponsorship which was worth more than the sponsorship Kshitij (Annual techno-management Festival of IIT Kharagpur )got when it started.
2. I’m also associated with one more society at IIT Kgp which is doing very well; SFIH.
3. I’m happy at IIT Kgp.

I end my post with a positive note that my score is 2-1 (and not 1-2).

PS: This is one of my rare posts which doesn't have a girl character.
PS: I'd a great weekend; Swastik(the rock band) came to IIT Kgp.
PS: Thank-you for reading a long post.

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Priyaranjan said...

You didn't explain how ur score is 2-1 or even 1-2??

vk said...

Hey, what politics at kgp are you actually talking about?

Ashish said...

hey u might have not read my post clearly.....waise read again
I may give u a hint..."...The goalposts (are/were):
1. To secure admission in a good school at Ranchi (my score 1-0).
2. To do engineering from an IIT (...... 2-0).
3. Read further to discover yourself, but I declare that my score is (1-2)....."

r u frm IIT kgp?
If you are, then need not explain further...and if u r not I don't want to disclose it to an outsider....waise thnx for the comment

Priyaranjan said...

I am not able to understand coz you haven't explained it explicitly ...... so whats the logic please tell .... it seems interesting ....!

Vyom Anil said...

man u achieved ur first two goals its a great thing .
ur first two goals r the dreams we youngster use to see when we pass our high school and at the end we land at some average engineering college that also with donation.
what happened further non of the common man business. u might lost ur third goal but the third one is designed for the special brains (all iitians)
for us u r the hero

Ashish said...

@vyom anil
thnx for ur appreciation!!!
I'm feeling better now....
welcome to my blog

Anonymous said...

Hmm..don't worry man...

the good thing being u r happy in iit...and dats sort of a rare thing. :P

Shirsesh Nath Bhaduri said...

Dude!I was an Associate Publicity Member in SF last yr....I was a sure shot core team member and trust me politics is one part of it but at the end of the day the guys sitting at SF atleast, are really looking for subservient people and SF selections mein tab tak politics nahin aati jab tak they do not have a personal problem with you.....They had it wid me , rejected me....But aise usme koi politics nahin aata...the reality is they didnt want us coz we couldnt lick their couldnt ,u arent thr...

Ashish said...

@shirsesh nath bhaduri
actually there was a personal problem with me too!!
But I don't want to get into that....plzz don't ask me as it may hurt some people and ruin my terms with a better to say that we both are victims of politics but I know 1 fact about me that I cannot be totally submissive as you pointed out so it could have also led to my fate.....
btw welcome to my blog and thnx for ur comment


lost of discussion abt kgp politics.....
anyway cant say anythin abt that....I did come for tech fest last year and loved it...this time I maybe there in SF...

Anonymous said...

Yeah thats the spirit.Take the life's each phase as a part of game.Play for participation n winning only.don't bother about the losing.Just take it as a leason for improvment.n yeah u r score is 2-1 not 1-2.
nice one. i m not missing the "girl thing "in it.this post is complete in itself!!

Satan said...

i don't think that any college festival can be so important that u may start forming notions about kgp politics. I am a 5th year at IIT Kgp but i do not believe that there's any poltu for core team selection either for SF or kshitij. Both the teams wish to select best people of the lot for their fests. If you were not among those best, then it's better to involve yourself in a constructive way in something else. and since you are a second year, i can definitely understand your frustapa. you have a complete kgp life ahead of you and i think that you must concentrate on other things. writing blogs like this will only show your desperation and condemnation of other people for your losses.

@Shirshesh nath bhaduri
you seem to be a lil more than over confident and a lil extra frusst than ashish. being at kgp, people do try different things but i also know that once some guy gets katofied from somewhere, he moves on and explores other avenues. nobody makes such hue and cry out of the core team selections. had you been talented, you would have definitely got in. i may not know the reason why you people were not selected but i certainly have this notion about you two people that you do need to grow up...!!!

Ashish said...

@pyaasa sajal
do come for SF this time.....I know what happened with me but you should enjoy the fest


First of all thanx for visiting my blog, reading the obscure post and then commenting on comments.
However, I don't feel that the selections are done on the basis of
talent and good soft-skills, it is basically a team of 60% talented people and rest of the lot are silly dolts who had their share of luck

No offense intended but still this point is quite clear in my head and nobody can change my outlook towards the core team!!!
thnx for reading

Matka/HTML said...

be sensitive, but don't be hyper sensitive. after you leave KGP, you will laugh out at all this that you are taking so seriously. see the bigger picture, everything else is ohh just a distraction :-)

code_carnage said...

To the original poster.
Kid you haven't seen politics yet.
You are still living in a cocoon, come out you will once you graduate and will see real politics once you see bad bad world..

prashant said...

another pessimist!!
try looking at the better side of ur life....thn u'll realise whether its 2-1 or 1-2 !!

Ninad said...

Core in 2nd year :O .... whaere does core stand in the hirearchy in Kgp .. asking coz here in IITM .. cores are topmost and generally 4th or 5th years....

Ashish said...

I actually am a bit sensitive but the problem lies in my passionate attitude towards everything

yeah I also think so!!!

No, I'm not a pessimist and if you think so then I can't help it.

We here have core team members as second years and core team heads as third years and then 4th and 5th year constitutes steering committee
I hope I've answered your question.

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