In my life everything has occurred very strangely and unexpectedly but I would rather like to use this word, "serendipity". Yeah I've become a logophile .
When I thought something is over, it starts again. There is one good thing about predicaments, "they are always unexpected, just as you feel everything is going smoothly they knock your head."
Yeah!! This is a fact. However, strange coincidences have often gave me some sweet and nice surprises; Some of them has also helped me carve out my career. It is the result of beautiful coincidences threaded together with some inspirational encounters. My life has always been dynamic and though it would not be quite evident to everybody but if someone is really close to me then he would be able to comprehend what I'm trying to say.
To be honest enough I've not done a lot of good things to talk about. I still would like to acknowledge the effort of few people and some coincidences.
When I was a kid I was aimless. I know that I thought of becoming a doctor but that was just a childhood imagination as a result of some good experiences with smart doctors. I'd a lot of good prejudices about the medical field, for most part of my teenage and childhood-phase I admired doctors and wanted to be one.
However, destiny had different plans.
Serendipity no.1

When I was a kid I usually did everything for fun, aimless and meaningless. I know kids are like me but there are a few smart kids who are smart enough to think about their career and goals in life; nevertheless, I was not the one.
Until class 9th, I was an unimaginative boy. One strange thing happened which changed my life; you can find out what actually happened with me from here.
In short, I was changed by this incident. I started setting my goals. I realised I need to have reasons to live life. I always hope that by being successful I'll be able to win her. I know people have their self-motive behind everything, so do I. Initially when she went, I couldn't get any way to come out of the loneliness, the void was getting bigger and deeper in my heart. I made a resolution to myself that I would have to be successful for her. I couldn't stop thinking about her!!!
This made me a man with reasons. I kept on increasing my level of thinking to establish myself.
Nevertheless, I would be rude if I don't mention about my grandfather who has helped to delve my personality. He searched my potential winner attitude and gifted to me when it was most needed.
He is the only one person very close to me whom I respect more than I love .There are many reasons for it.
Yeah!!!This was serendipity as though my career was keen to turn towards medical field one of the talks with my grandfather and the memory of her made me an IITian.
Thanks grandpa!! I really mean it.

Serendipity no.2

I never wanted to read books. I almost hated reading anything. I though glanced at the morning newspaper for the important news and all. There was a good friend of mine who suggested me to read the Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat. I read that book in 1 day, followed that with his second book, "One night @ the call centre". The books made me a fan of Chetan. I started reading books. Recently I started writing blogs.
The way it turned my life is unimaginable. I've made few friends through this blog and one of them who made this all possible is the owner of deadlypj. This website is one of the amazing things I've ever seen which is a product of a student. The guy with his immense contacts made my presence felt in the blogosphere.
I know my blog have received mixed reactions but I want to end this post by these words
,"Every week 200 new visitors visit my blog, out of them 150 don't read my blog, 20 hate my blog, 20 would not visit my blog again, 10 love my blog and I write for those 10"

PS: This post is very close to my heart
PS: I would love if you leave a comment.
PS: B.T.W I've an exam just 2 hours from now, yes I'm blog addicted.

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Priyaranjan said...

hi mate I read just the last few lines and few upper ones .... I too have exams dear ...... well I feel I am among those 10 people as I read ur post just after I see something new here ......... so keep blogging.!!!

soumya said...

I like that.A friend of mine passed me this link. Keep blogging.I have bookmarked you. :)

Bishwajeet said...

thanx dear for talking about me in this blog.
check out for some deadliest PJ.

Ashish said...

thnx for ur prompt comment...and do read the post after exams.. :)

visitors like you motivate me to keep writing...welcome to my blog

..nytime....u deserve this u've helped me a lot!!

Trinaa said...

u hv exams too?? haha..another blog addict..all d best :)

oh n btw i get abt a 100 visits per day but only 6-7 of them bother to comment :PPPPP

Anonymous said...

[,"Every week 200 new visitors visit my blog, out of them 150 don't read my blog, ]lolz i think these lines are somewhere very true.
surely comments whether 'good or bad' need to be given in my views.bcoz they r the only key of encouragement of all us bloggers.
neways now about blog
initially i found it soo boring truely speaking.but in btw i found it very very well comprehenced.
well congo for all of ur achievements.keep ahead always.


wish u many more such serendipities...u deserve that...

I also wish that u do realise that the most important force and the most important person behind ur success is actually YOU!!...keep rocking buddy

Ashish said...

thnx....and welcome to my blog

thnx for ur honest comment
I'll try to improve.....sorry for disappointing u!!!

@pyaasa sajal

AMAN said...

good job ashish.......i am 1st year student (mining engg. kgp)........can you tell me a little abt this web page..... how did you make this??????

Ashish said...

hey dude thnx for reading..
see it's easy for u but I know what a dolt like me had to go thru to create this page

Jen C. said...

I agree with all this. This reminds me of that show called Serendipity. There's a movie on this, too. You should check it out. - Your Daily Reality Nursing
-Nurse Jen Doll

rajesh rai said...

hiiii ashish bhaiya..... sahi me bahut mast likha hai aapne....itne kam age me itna depth thoughts...... ummmmm....
main aapka frst blog padh ke fan ban gaya ...keep bloging bhaiya ..rijju

MR. P said...

read ur blog after a long time(i think this line would be my tag line after some more comments :P)

let me tell u one thing.....there are more than 10 ppl who love to read ur blog...and keep on of them is me...and will still be...coz u write things which always makes me to read them.....

majboori ka naam mahatma gandhi :P :P


Ashish said...

@jen c.
hmmmm yeah I know abt that movie and ur blog is good

@rajesh rai
thnx yaar....welcome to my blog...keep reading!!!

@mr. p
haaahaaaa....ROLF....thnx for ur love parth and keep reading ...

suhani biswas said...

well i thnk i m fallin in luv wid ur blog.........just keep on writin lyk dis

Ashish said...

@suhani biswas
welcome to my blog suhani!!
I have two points:

1.I'm happy that you are falling in love with my blog...(is my blog that good..)

2.I'm sad that why do people love only my blog?? somebody should love me also....lolzz

suhani biswas said...

well....iaccording 2 me ur blog is mast.......i found it coooooool n i pray dat u find ur luv vry soon....

Ashish said...

@suhani biswas
thnx once again ........ and I hope your words come true..... :)

Ginny said...

yea, u can never say whta's gud rbad until the story unfolds..nd if its not an ending u like, den its actually nt an ending..perhaps the start pf smthng else beautiful!
P.S: yea, blogging totally getzz u

Ashish said...

Welcome to my blog
Rightly said in a SRK Hindi movie,"picture abhi baaki hai mere dost".....that means the story is yet to have it's climax.

suhani biswas said...

well....iaccording 2 me ur blog is mast.......i found it coooooool n i pray dat u find ur luv vry soon....

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