Who is my ********?

“******** is a term sometimes used to designate someone with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity , love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, and/or compatibility.”
The term is soulmate. This is the second most difficult and most incomprehensible term that I’ve ever come across. Undoubtedly, the first place goes to “girls”. Girls are the most difficult species to understand or to envisage but the easiest to get confounded.
BTW, let me clarify that the first few quoted lines are not cluttered by me but it has been taken from the Wikipedia.
Where is my soulmate?
Does she exist? I mean am I lucky enough?
How is my soulmate?
Is she beautiful err... gorgeous?
Does these questions hit your brain and hurt your heart?
You don’t need to panic you don’t have any syndrome, phobia or disease it’s just a phase of life everyone goes through when he/she fails in fourthree things.
1.Finding a girlfriend.
2.Finding a boyfriend.
3.Managing a relationship.
4.Failure in exams or in general failure in anything important...it is a fact!!!
I cannot explain the answers to the above questions nor can I describe extensively about the causes of increased level of urgency and curiosity in searching our soulmate after these three/four events that I’ve listed above but I can share some of my experiences with you.
I’m also suffering from this “soulmate search fever”.
The reasons for this in my case are failure to win a girl’s heart and bad results in exams leading to confusion about my future. Actually, this is a chain reaction. When someone is low and desperate emotionally he starts thinking about his/her soulmate and sinks in his/her thoughts and after this the chain keeps you inside and once again the time spent in imagining about your soulmate kicks you in exams or in your professional/academic life to once again fail and the reaction goes on its course.
Right from my early teenage rather childhood days, I couldn’t stop imagining about my soulmate as I’m a failure since 1988 (my year of birth).
I’m also a day-dreamer. I tend to always count the eggs of an unhatched egg forgetting the fact that the egg could be also of an impotent baby cock.
So here are my romantic thoughts about my soulmate
To my soulmate

Hi Darling
How are you? I hope you would be enjoying your days but also missing my presence in your life. I miss you too honey. I hope we meet soon. BTW, I’m getting a little bit impatient thinking about you. Wherever you are, please do not forget me as I cannot stop thinking about you. I imagine a beautiful house in a serene and beautiful place in which we enter and make it a home. We both share our work in my dreams about “you and our sweet home”. I also help you in the kitchen. That is the most romantic thing that I ever visualize. Just imagine that you are cutting onions and tears have started to roll down through your artistically beautiful cheeks. They look very sweet and pretty honey! After that I kiss your wet cheeks and that is the scene which fades my further imaginative memory about you. I hope this letter reaches you and melts your heart and we both start our life.


My failures in "soulmate search fever"
1.Love at last sight
2.My first date

PS: I've much to write about this topic.
PS: However, I spare you.
PS: I'm really confused about girls.
PS: What they want?
PS: BTW, I've started a new blog story "The 3 Nerds" start reading from here

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Indrayani said...

Haha..!! your post reminds me of an episode of Sex and the city...
Soul mates.. Two litlle words... joined together forming a profoud meaning..

I dun know whether I believe in Soulmate or not..
I think there are no two people who are an absolute match relationship is formed on the basis of a lot of time and effort invested into it...

And what gurls want I think is really this..
someone who will love them thru the ups and downs in life...and not just for their physical beauty...
Someone they can totally trust not to hurt them..

We are not that complicated..
we are humans too..

Nice post..:)
Been to my blog lately?

harshabadbad said...

heyyy .. wonderful dude!
All the best!
May you find ur "soulmate" soon!

Ashish Gourav said...

@Indrayani aka, Indi!
thnx for that comparison
and yes I'm sorry for almost no comments in your blog by me. I'll surely do that ........
and about girls
if girls need this much then why don't they neglect our appearance too and do the girl community is crazy about sense of humor?
I've a bad sense of humor :(
plzz reply

may ur words come true

KK Yadav said...

Nice post.

Unknown said...

I am relieved to know that i am not the only one!

Anonymous said...

Lolz i was surprised after reading this.well everyone have some special feelings for his\her soulmate.So do I.Some people know who is their soulmate n some keeps on portraiting about him \her .Do include me among the second one.But before knowing that Who is he?How he looks ? i want myself atlease to stand at some good place so that he can't feel ashamed of getting me into his life thats the only thing bieng a girl i want thats it. :)
well every girl is made for a boy n i think its not much complicated to understand atleast ur girl beside doing the investigation on whole "Female" gender.All girls have some good qualities n some bad inside her like other human biengs.It depends on individual that how she uses these qualities.Every girl has different nature like other individuals of this homosapiens world have.
anyways i wish u to get ur soulmate . :)

Ashish Gourav said...

@KK Yadav

yeah! I'm also relieved that I'm not the only one :P
well thnx for your comment

hm... I should not go on discussing about girls more here as it's best described by himanshu in his blog.
well thnx for ur wishes b
BTW does a girl needs to work hard for being worthy for his dream boy???
I don't think so....
It's boys who have to do this :(:(

Sajal Ehsaas said...

I wish you get into some sort of an affair soon :P

that will make u understand a lot of things...true love is not a 'lost and found" commodity...you dont search for it..and I think its a pretty simple thing,if you will think about so many aspects,it wil make it unnecessarily complex in ur eyes...and you may not recognise it when you come across it :)

Ashish...you said why are girls crzy abt 'sense of humour' thing..dont you think you have a high level of expectation wen it comes to looks...

love is just about two people with a much better compatibility and understanding then wat u find on an average.... :)

Anonymous said...

I loved the letter man...
May the letter reaches to the 'concerned' person soon. :)

Ashish Gourav said...

@Pyaasa Sajal
and I think "Love is not a lost and found commodity" is a nice topic.
We should write about this too :P

thnx for ur fundaes about girls!!!
liked them

ohh!!! yes It should reach the person ASAP :P

I can't wait anymore :)

Anonymous said...

its, quarter life crisis... thats all .. !!

Ashish Gourav said...

thnx for ur comment
Welcome to my Blog

perturbed perceiver said...

woo!thats a neat imagination!hope the letter reaches its destination soon enuf!:)

Ashish Gourav said...

@perturbed perceiver
Hope your words become true :)

Am said...

Awww...you should write posts more often. You are great writer.

Anonymous said...

I can see myself in you some 2-3 years back..
All the best dude \m/

Ashish Gourav said...

Thank You... I'll try to write more :)

ohhhh!! really?
thnx... hope my search ends :(

GinGer said...

i loved this post... the letter you have written so sweetly imagined..
shows what you day dream dude... :)

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