Free Rapidshare accounts contest and "Advantages of short height "

I know this is not an ideal way to rant about my height. I was just wondering about my Short heightedness and tweeted it through my twitter profile.
“There are many benefits of short height :P”
One of my tall friend tweets rather changes his facebook status
“There are many benefits of being tall :P”
This inspired me to think of some benefits of short height and I’m here.
Googled Information
1. Shorter people have faster reaction times, greater ability to accelerate body movements, stronger muscles in proportion to body weight, greater endurance, and the ability to rotate the body faster. They are also less likely to break bones in falling.
2. Shorter people are also less likely to require surgery for herniated spinal disks. In addition, shorter people are less likely to break a hip from falling.
3. Another advantage of smaller people is that they are less likely to die in auto crashes. One study found that people weighing less than 132 pounds had the lowest risk of dying or suffering serious injuries compared to bigger people.
My Experiences
I’ve a lot of them related to short height. I’ll list only benefits as promised.
1. Once, I was travelling all alone for the first time in my life. I know everything happens for the first time in life but still that was a big occasion for me. I was nervous. Things were done for me. I didn’t have to pack my stuffs, my mum did it. I didn’t have to book tickets, my father did it. I thought this would be fun exploring everything while enjoying the scenic beauty outside the window of train alone. I’d a test to give, so I opened my course books and acted to be quite busy as my fellow travel-buddies were quite older than me. The train stopped in a station, some strange people entered the coach. Those were the species I feared a lot on train journeys and this time I’d to handle them. Any guesses, who were they?
No, they were not goons, robbers or vendors. They were frightening “eunuchs”.
I was quite aware of their menace since my childhood days. One of them came towards our seat and...
Eunuch: Aye mere salman khan kuch dena.....arrey handsome!!!....(in hindi)
These were words used for few people around me and though these are compliments but it seemed very different under such circumstances and one of them came towards me and started staring me. I was awfully frightened....
Me: Papa bahar gaye hain (in hindi).....which means My father has gone outside and I don’t have money.
And I’m happy that I’ve used this trick of using my short height and innocence to trick these eunuchs quite a lot.

2.I don’t need lots of space in the car/bus/Train or in general anywhere in this world.
3.I don’t have to worry about 'mind your head' signs.
4.I can squeeze through crowds easily :p

Being small rocks, you can act all little and helpless so people do things for you
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PS: I should start doing something fruitful rather than watching a lot of movies.

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Dinesh said...

if you ever travel by Mumbai Locals in peak hours, you will come across biggest disadvantage of short height.. you will need to face the stinks of the tall men.. if you know what i mean :P

Neha said...

hahahha...nice one!!!!
altho i dont hitnk any1 would buy 'papa bahar gaye hain' from me if i were in a train reading a book(which i dont do, unless it's chacha chaurdhri, champak or nanadan, etc...maybe they would buy that saying since it would seem like im little girl reading comic books or children's story books! hahahaha ^_^ )

arpana said...

u r abso ryt.I hv used dat trick several tymes of acting all helpless n wrks all d tym.u just need to hv dat innocent look. :D

Anonymous said...

heheh.. nice one :) Even i am short, five feet and probably no inches! But i can grow a little bit! But its always good to be tall!

Ashish said...

yeah got it :P
BTW I'd never been to mumbai.....I'm lucky :)

ohh yes.....everybody is not lucky to have a short height with innocent looks :P...thnx

totally agreed

thank u
but I'm taller than u at least...heehee but u can grow and I can't :(

Ankita Agrawal said...

it good to look at ur height tat way...infact u have done a lot of seems :-D

I prefer to be tall..n by d grace of god i got a decent 5.3 height!!


Ankit said...

ek aur adv hai...taller person always shook their head to talk to shorter guys...lolzz

Cursed♪♫ said...

Ya. Maybe I don't understand. *Sighs*

perturbed perceiver said...

yeah,in school days shorter ppl used to easily avoid the teacher's glare provided they sat in the last bench! also they got to stand ahead in assembly lines,functions,dance groups!!!hmph!!i had a tough time being taller than most in my class!!

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