I qualified the JEE-2007 and was delighted to receive phone-calls congratulating me over my success.
This was a big moment for my family as there were many of them who have never ever seen an IITian perhaps.
I was feeling like a celebrity at my home that day. Sweets came from every source and my mouth was busy saying,"Thank-you" or savouring the sweets. In this whole environment of celebration there was one person who was not that happy as she should be. She was none other than Trisha. I was confused as I couldn't get the reason of her cold behaviour. She just smiled and went away. It was quite conspicuous. At that moment I'd no other option but to leave as I'd to convey this news to everybody. But this behaviour of Trisha caught my attention when I was trying to pounce on "Gulab-Jamuns"(her favourite).

I quickly snatched the box of Gulab-jamuns and rushed to Trisha's place. She was sitting idle in her room. I surprised her with my sudden entry in her room. After realising my presence she asked me,"Are you happy?” This was quite unexpected. I mean how could I be not happy after getting selected for IIT. However as every question needs to be answered I said "YES, I am delighted".
Trisha: Do you not think your rank is a bit low?

Me: I agree but it hardly matters as branch and the campus hardly matters, it's only the 3 letters that counts, "IIT".

Trisha: Fine, but I expected a better performance from you.

Me: Hey!! Come-on.

Trisha: Sorry for my bad behaviour; I was bit upset for you.

Me: Ok

Trisha: It's a fact that I was never good at science so I took arts but still I have a feeling that you are very good in science.

Me: Yeah!!Stop it.

Trisha: Well congrats!!

Me: Thanks.....finally are you happy?

Trisha: Yep...

Me: Let’s go somewhere

Trisha: Give me 10 minutes.

She took exactly 9 minutes and 50 seconds to come out of her room. This was not my calculation but my stopwatch said it all. So as usual we went to the "Planet cafe". We always went there whenever anyone of us (we both) were unhappy or in a mood of celebration. This time it was the latter case. Our conversation started with a bit of snacks and coffee.

In the whole conversation I tried to convince her that branch doesn’t matter in an IIT.
This conversation ended but my mind now recalls this conversation very often.
I came to IIT kharagpur. My course is mining engineering. I'm a bit confused over the recent financial crisis.
I think perhaps Trisha was correct ; If I was in a better branch then I could have an option but now I'm left with only one option to straightaway grab any job in the mining field after my B.Tech. I cannot think of a job in the financial sector. This is not me who is speaking but the financial crisis.
Stalwarts from institutes like the IIMs and the IITs who were the hot favourites for foreign MNCs are suddenly left with limited options to say the least. Withdrawn offers from troubled financial institutions like Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch is still comprehensible but even huge technology companies have started pulling out of placement offers they had made to IITians.
I'm confused!!

PS: I think the title should have been "confused" but that was too simple.
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PS: This post could have been a long boring post but.........
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its too early to be worried(to this extent) over these issues....abhi chill maaro....a little planning is good,but not so much of confusion

and again...nice narration...

Anonymous said...

Yeah..title should be confused....

first of all...i too agree that in iit branch doesn't matter much..because its the system of iit, the campus life which makes it special. Although the academics determine ur line of job/speciality...but again you can change it to pursue ur passion if u r passionate enuf. :P

And for the recession...don't worry dude...Good days will come in a few days. :)

Ashish said...

@pyaasa sajal
thnx for ur support
and thnx for commenting on my each n every post

yeah I do think the title should be confused but I thought of using a new word so that the content of post could be not guessable.
well I do hope that good days will come

Aparna said...

hey ashish...
U r an IIT'an . A lot many ppl i know give up everything to become one.
And ur branch is a real good one ok...all the IIT branches have good standards.
About jobs....just chill..just do good in ur academics and in ur campus interviews.
in my vision i can already see u fairing well in career.

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